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MRNA - Long decline

06/02/2010 05:31 PM by MonkeyPilot

Likely short candidate MDRNA Inc (ticker: MRNA) is trading right around its 50- and 200-day MA but a recent bump makes me think it's a good time to short. The company has fallen from its loftier $20 share price in 2006 to trade right around a buck. Earning have improved, but they are still far behind industry peers, and even underwent a name change in 2008 (formerly known as Nastech, NSTK), but that hasn't stopped the bleeding. I think this one is circling the drain...


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  • 06/02/2010 08:08 PM by Dave Pinsen

    Interesting. MRNA also has an egregiously low Altman Z-Score: -51.7502.

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